Kimberly Dolan is a Canadian singer-songwriter currently based in Kingston, Ontario. Music has played a dominant role in her life since childhood and has helped her navigate some of her greatest challenges and celebrate her biggest successes. Kimberly’s connection and passion for music led her to a career as a certified music therapist specializing in mental health. As a music therapist she uses music in a variety of capacities to support the health and wellbeing of her clients. After 3 years working full time in the field, Kimberly has rediscovered just how important creating her own music is for her processing and self-expression.  

“I’ve always loved writing and performing but I think I needed a little bit of distance to realize just how deep my passion runs. I’ve always written and found time to make music for myself but that’s where it stayed, with the exception of a few open mic nights and jamming with friends. Recently I’ve come to realize that this is more than just a hobby for me, it’s something that I deserve to explore more deeply and I’m very excited to begin this journey”.  

Kimberly plays several instruments but considers her main instrument to be her voice. She loves vocal improvisation and can often be found humming or singing to her dogs. Kimberly is grateful for the return to her own voice and is thrilled to finally share her album “Porcelain Doll” with the world.